Canned Food

01. Canned Veggies

April 2021​

Based on a prompt from a Creative Nonfiction course, inspired by Sally Fisher's Where I Come From

Canned Veggies

What are fresh veggies?

Tomatoes and peppers: from a garden.

Otherwise: cans - 

heated up in the microwave.


What do you mean, corn is bad for you?

Shake & Bake chicken

and corn - 

Dinner of Champions.


I don't understand this world of produce shopping in the produce section - 

Of using anything but a microwave to warm food.

(Unless you're cooking pasta.)


Did you know...

the first time I bought frozen vegetables was in college?

I celebrated my 21st birthday before I purchased fresh green beans?

I learned about a veggie steamer when perusing Bed, Bath & Beyond for our wedding registry?


Here I am: an adult

I now eat my - fresh - broccoli without cheese (mostly)

and my grocery list has a designated spot 

for items from the produce section

(that I maybe make my husband get, because the produce section overwhelms me).


And yet 

The third shelf of my pantry sits

Full of cans - 

peas (both green and chick),

and beans (a variety: kidney, chili, pinto, black, white, northern),

and corn.